Principal’s Message: September 5, 2021

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Hello Harding Community, 

Thank you teachers for great back to school night presentations.  Thanks as well to all the families that attended and the many of you that continue to learn about how everything is working (or not) and offer your support in the way that works for you: political action, volunteering your time, and/or materials donation.

This week and next, I will continue to focus on specific ways families can support the school and our children: 

  • Take a few minutes to watch SEL for Parents.  Children coming out of the stay at home order and distance learning have limited social awareness and relationship skills.  Our approach to the start of this year has been through the lens of SEL.  As the year progresses, we will embed social and emotional teaching and learning throughout the day and will need families to model and practice the skills at home as well.  The Instructional Leadership Team will pick a focus area and an assessment tool this week so we can be intentional about our practices and monitor progress.  We will need all families connected to their child’s teacher on REMIND so we can all do the work together.
  • To connect to last week’s message, we are doing all we can to continue healthy COVID practices at school.  One is keeping students in their class cohort all day.  This has made recess quite the puzzle but students have generally been cooperative and understanding.  Please remind them that until all children can be vaccinated, we will be following all practices to stay healthy and contain any COVID contact that may occur (this is what cohorts are for).  So, I have created a Recess Equipment Wish List to add to our efforts to make the limited spacing at recess not mean limited enjoyment.
  • I will be hosting a short volunteer training session on Wednesday, September 8 from 7:00-7:30pm for all those that wish to assist at recesses – Zoom Link.  We could really use more adults to monitor and assist with play on the yard, embedding social awareness and relationship skill building into game or play facilitation.  I can match adults to their child’s class.  This and office/testing day help will be the primary ways we will be allowing volunteers on site.  Teachers feel that the classrooms cannot accommodate additional people in them at this time, so classroom assistance for most is not being offered.

Finally, since the COVID testing implementation has been rocky and very few of us get results information, here is how families can contact Predicine, the testing company, directly: (877) 752-3958 or email for customer service.

Take care and stay safe.


Mrs. Takimoto