About the PTA

The mission of the Harding Elementary School PTA is to improve the lives of all Harding children and their families/caretakers. The PTA works to do this in two primary ways:

  1. Raising money, which the PTA uses to pay for our enrichment programs such as dance, music, science and gardening, and to provide much needed supplies for all of our Harding teachers.
  2. Community participation events, such as field days and the Fall Carnival, which couldn’t exist without an army of PTA volunteers.

Besides these, there are many behind-the-scenes hours that help Harding and the PTA fulfill our mission.  

Anyone in our Harding community is welcome to join our association meetings on the 1st Tuesday of September, October, December, February, April and May, unless advertised otherwise.

2023 – 2024 Budget

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How to Join the PTA

Regardless of what your exact interests are, your participation will be welcomed. All parents, guardians and community members are encouraged to join the PTA. Even if you don’t have much time to volunteer, attending meetings is an excellent way to stay on top of what’s happening at the school and to connect with other families, caretakers, teachers and the principal.

Dues are $20 per person (plus a $1 Totem service fee)—Your Membership Makes The Difference!

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The PTA appreciates all that you do to support our children, and hopes you’ll continue to find new ways to get involved. Not only will your child benefit from your support, but your efforts also help build the Harding community for all Harding children to succeed and thrive. Children do better in school when their parents & guardians are actively involved in the school.

The Harding PTA is for everyone! We hope you will Join Us!

For information on:

2023–2024 Executive Board
President: Nick Kam, president@hardingpta.org
Executive Vice President: Anne Park, vp@hardingpta.org
Recording Secretary: Kim Schneider, recording.secretary@hardingpta.org
Treasurer: Masha Murphy, treasurer@hardingpta.org
Vice President of Hospitality & Assemblies: Jason Mickela, hospitality@hardingpta.org
Vice President of Fundraising: Kelda Gragg, fundraising@hardingpta.org
Auditor: Adriana Solis-Lopez, auditor@hardingpta.org
Financial Secretary: Rachel Adams, financial.secretary@hardingpta.org
Parliamentarian: Andrea Wildenberg, parliamentarian@hardingpta.org
Communications: Val Neumark & Kerry Sylvester, enews@hardingpta.org