Help us reach $30,000 through the Harding Giving Campaign Fall Fundraiser

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The Harding Giving Campaign Fall Fundraiser for 2021 has officially kicked off! Help fund art, science, books, and supplies at Harding this year

What is the Harding Giving Campaign? 

The Harding Giving Campaign was created to support Harding Elementary School’s greatest needs. When you make a gift to the Giving Campaign, you fund programs that WCCUSD cannot provide: Seele Stars performing arts, school assemblies, field trips, STEAM enrichment projects, and more.  You also ensure our teachers don’t have to pay out of pocket for classroom supplies and that our library renews its collection. Find out more about what your donation provides here..

How Does the Giving Campaign Work? 

We want fundraising to be about community, where we all come together to give what we can: because when we all work together, we all rise together! 

This year we are focusing on participation. From September 8th to September 30th, our goal is to have 50% of all Harding families donate to the Giving Campaign. No amount is too small!  We are all valuable members of the community and can help with whatever we can donate. With that participation, we are hoping to raise $30,000 between now and September 30th, which is about $60 per student, or $2.70/day. If you can donate, please consider giving more than usual to help our community cover those who cannot give as much.

There are 3 Easy ways to give:

  1. By credit card: Set up a monthly donation to spread out your payments or make a one-time gift online: donate here
  1. By check:  Make it out to “Harding PTA” and send in with this form or include a note with your child’s name, teacher, and your email address so we can thank you! Drop it at the front office or mail it to Harding Elementary School, 7230 Fairmount Ave, El Cerrito, CA 94530
  1. Via your employer’s Matching Gift Program:  Many employers like Kaiser, Wells Fargo, Genentech, Pixar, etc. offer Matching Gift Programs that will match your donation. This may double your gift to Harding! Ask your HR department for their matching gift form.

Our Harding community takes care of each other. By donating to the Giving Campaign, you are funding programs that will support your student and your family throughout this school year. 

Thank you for making Harding a wonderful place to grow and learn!

Onward together,

The Harding PTA