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WCCCUSD Attendance Policy


  Dear Parents,

this notice is to inform you about changes in our practices to comply with District Policies and State Law in regards to compulsory attendance. Changes will become effective January 2015.

In the past, we excused all absences as long as parents contacted the office. We will no longer do that for out of town or personal reasons, and such. While we support family time, we ask that you make every effort to schedule vacations outside of school days. You will receive a truancy letter upon the third unexcused absence. And if your child has over 10 excused absences, you will also receive another truancy letter. If attendance continues to be a problem for your student, a meeting with an administrator will be required. The intent of this policy is not to punish, but to highlight the importance of having your children at school.

We still need parents to communicate with the office whenever the student is absent and we encourage families to work with the teachers for student success. On the back you will find the list of the only reasons we can excuse absences. Please, save this letter for future reference.


Let’s each do our part to help students succeed Harding be a great school!

Legally Excused Absences:
The Education Code requires parents to communicate with school by phone, email, or note as to the reason for a student’s absence. Although the school district will not receive funding for all day absences, the following are considered excused absences for the purpose of Compulsory Attendance laws and laws related to CalWorks:

  1. Illness or quarantine
  2. Medical, dental optometric or chiropractic appointments
  3. Jury Duty
  4. Funeral services for one’s immediate family. One(1) day if services are in California, three (3) days if out of state
  5. Exclusion from school for immunization needs, up to five (5) days
  6. Apperance in court
  7. Observance of a holiday or ceremony for religious reasons. Religious Holidays or retreats must have prior Administration approval.
  8. Conference in regards to employment
  9. Conference with a lawyer
  10. Interview for college or university
  11. Approved extra-curricular activities, including athletics
  12. Extenuating circumstances