Science Education

At Harding, science education is a strong focus of our PTA, SSC, and GATE programs.

Science Fair
Science projects are displayed during Open House. Winners are announced after judging.

Family Science and Engineering Night

An annual Science and Engineering Night is co-sponsored by the Gifted and Talented Education program (GATE) and the School Site Council (SSC). All families are welcome to attend.

5th Grade State-Wide Science Test
The state of California tests all 5th grade students on their science proficiency. Students are encouraged to prepare with a practice test which they can take at home.

Science Book Recommendations
For additional reading at home, check out these great titles:

  • The Science Book of Water by Neil Ardley
  • The Magic Wand and Other Bright Experiments on Light and Color by Paul Doherty and Don Rathejen
  • Water: Simple Experiments for Young Scientists by Laurence White
  • Science Lab in Supermarket by Bob Friedhoffer
  • Science Experiment with Electricity by Sal Nankivell-Aston
  • Cool Chemistry Concoctions by Joe Rhatigan