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ReCycle blog!
Check out the ReCycle blog for current information about the event this May 3rd!



The Harding ReCycle is a bicycle festival where you can:

    • buy a “ReCycled” bicycle refurbished by the Harding Dad’s Club bike mechanics
    • get basic adjustments to your bike for free and parts and more substantial repairs at an affordable price
    • learn how to make repairs yourself
    • bring or borrow a bike and ride our obstacle course
    • compete in the “Slowest Bike Race”
    • learn how to ride without training wheels
    • learn how to ride safely to school and around town with El Cerrito Police Bike Patrol officers


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How can you help?

We need as many bicycles as possible donated before the event so that we have a wide range of bicycles to sell in May. If you have an old bicycle that is too small or that you don’t use, please bring your bicycles to our drop-off event in April at Harding during specified drop-off times, or arrange for it to be picked up from your home by emailing:  hardingrecycle@gmail.com. Donating a bicycle will get you first choice of the bikes for sale during a special “pre-sale” from 9-10am on the day of the ReCycle. If you do not have a bicycle to donate but would like to support the event by making another type of donation or by offering to volunteer, email: hardingrecycle@gmail.com