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Dads’ Club

Dads are doing great things at Harding! If you’re not already familiar with the Dads’ Club, here is a little introduction.

First, we’re not big on meetings, but we are big on action. We have developed a series of Dads’ Club events throughout the year and organize/staff them as needed, meeting when we need to and not meeting when we don’t. We also make ourselves available to help the PTA and Principal Takimoto with special projects when needs arise. Many discussions happen on-line, and then we get together when we need to plan specific events.

Our marquis events are the Harding Carnival (fall) and the Harding ReCycle (spring) bicycle festival/used bike sale. These events are good fundraisers the kids, but more importantly they build community within Harding and help put Harding ‘on the map’ in the neighborhood. Over a thousand people attend the Carnivals!

Other activities include annual yard clean-up, work party for the PTA auction, help with class garden maintenance, and other miscellaneous construction projects (recent examples were replacing the staff lounge fridge, and stocking emergency supplies in the classrooms). You don’t need special skills to participate, but bring your strengths to the table and we will exploit them as best we can!

The goal for our projects is first and foremost to help create an outstanding school environment for our kids. When you hear your kids (and the kids from other schools!) say that the carnival rocked, or how much fun they had at the ReCycle, you will know that it is way worth the effort.

Conversely, if you ever hear your kid say a school event didn’t meet their expectations, we challenge you to get in there and liven it up with our help. That’s how it works best and that’s how the Dads’ Club works.

The more dads we have in the club, the easier it is to get things done and less work is required by each individual, so we encourage you register. Registering just means providing your email address and phone number, so that we can keep you up to date on our activities. When your schedule allows, you can come to meetings and let us know if you’ll be able to participate in.

At the beginning of the year we are in all-hands-on-deck mode for the Carnival. This is a great way to start the year by meeting the parents of your children’s friends in a highly rewarding community event. Each year we have 50-75 dads helping produce the Carnival, and every year the brand-new dads make a significant contribution. So, jump in as soon as you can!



Dads' Club Officers
President: Emiliano Gomez

Bike ReCycle: TBD

Carnival: Zach Sherry & Jeff O’Brien

Garden Lead: TBD