Harding PTA General Meeting Minutes: 9/6/22

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Sept. 6, 2022 6:30-8:00 pm 

Board Members In Attendance: Kim Schneider, Nick Kam, Masha Murphy, Jenny Fowler, Carol Darden, Anne Park, Jason & Val Mickela, Linda Takimoto (17 people total)

Call to Order:  Time 6:34pm

Thank you’s 

  • To Everyone for a great start to the school year!
  • Ice Cream Social Planners & Volunteers
  • Room parent coordinator Kendall!

Principal’s Report & Questions for Principal – Linda Takimoto 

  • Thanks to Nick & Jason & “tablers” at Back to School Night
  • Fully staffed front office!  Facilities folks are on top of everything & can help set-up things using facilities form
  • Day-to-day decisions for eating indoors based on virus level, heat, air quality, etc. (blacktop outside & no shade at tables) – also indoor eating fills staff need for periodic shade breaks.  Kids were kept in class cohorts.
  • Q:  5th grade teacher?  A:  Prep teacher, Ms. Gonzales, is filling in indefinitely.  Ms. Litvak (6th grade) is also leaving later this year, and no replacement has been found yet.  Goal to have consistent instruction and not split kids up this year (professional development, etc.).
  • Q:  Is it possible to get shade tents for outside?  A:  That has been discussed, and I would agree.  School doesn’t have budget – maybe an item for PTA?  Something temporary would be ok, but needs to be properly anchored down.
  • Q:  Are there supplies inside (fans, etc) to keep kids cool inside?  A:  Yes, also other spaces they can use as well.  Teachers seemed well prepared & flexible.

President’s Report

  • Introduced this year’s executive board    

Recording Secretary

VP of Hospitality and Assemblies

  • Looking for Halloween parade volunteers – contact Jason on Slack

VP of Fundraising

  • Fall Giving Campaign starts today through Sept 30!  Goal is $38,000, or $80/student  
  • Larb Thai Dining Out Fundraiser Monday, Sept 12 – preorder by Sept 10th 


  • Treasurer’s Report (shared)
  • Masha Murphy made motion to ratify checks #8068-8119 [Checking 1410] & #20031-20034 [EFT Checking] & #1 [PayPal], Jenny Fowler seconds – motion passes  7:12pm 
  • SY22-23 PTA Budget – Goal to increase fundraising $40k in order to continue funding Playworks year after year
    • Q:  How do new ideas get added (shade tents, etc)?  A:  It could get added later, as long as funding can cover it.
    • Q:  Can new fundraisers get added?  A:  YES!  Talk to Anna.
  • Masha Murphy made motion to approve Harding PTA SY2022-2023 Proposed Budget, Anne Park seconded – motion passes 7:25pm 
  • Masha Murphy made motion to release funding for $70,996 (48% of expenses – items listed in treasurer’s report) – Carol Darden seconded – motion passes 7:27pm

Financial Secretary, Auditor, Parliamentarian Report

  • Harding Campout @ Camp Herms – lots of fun & connect with community – info in Enews

Comms Chair

  • Put out survey where people want to get their news
  • Good rate of opening on E-news
    • 520 subscribers
    • 76-80% open rate & good click through rate (30-40%)
  • Anyone available to help with Facebook updates?  We could use more help.  Maria volunteers!  Post to Instagram and have it automatically update Facebook?
    • Reminder not to post children’s faces without permission 


  • Seeking volunteers for the Carnival Committee to help plan and coordinate the next Harding Carnival
    • Lots of work & lots of fun!  Let the PTA know.
  • Become a Harding PTA member! Membership dues go to covering the administrative costs of running a PTA, so all donations can go directly to the students and school. Parent(s), children, and others can be members of the Harding PTA. Sign up here
  • Next meeting, Tues Oct 4th 6:30pm

Adjournment:  time 7:47pm