Principal’s Message. October 17, 2021

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Hello Harding Community,

This week I continue with a pandemic area of instruction that we continue to learn about while we work on it.

Students and Socialization #2: This trimester teachers are focusing SEL instruction, practice, and assessment on Self Awareness and  Self Management.  As your child’s first teacher, we want to engage family members in this work and hope you will explore the linked resources and others to support the development of your child.  We are noticing that due to the shelter in place and distance learning, most of the students are behind the typical social and emotional development for their age.  

The students struggling the most have limited self awareness and/or self management skills.  Additionally, all students are trying to find their voice with each other.  Unstructured times during the day, like recess, can be the most challenging.  This is the main reason I welcome volunteer help at recess and lunch.  Many students are relying on adults to manage and speak for them and a number have a hard time with consistent appropriate interaction.  Additional adult models can help them feel supported and build skills more quickly. Since the first weeks, we have been working individually with families and will continue to do so.

Whether you can volunteer or not, a daily check-in with your child beyond “How was your day?” would be great.  Here is a tool teachers are using in their instruction to give you more specifics and some language you can use when talking each day, in addition to what your child’s teacher is sharing each week:  Managing at Recess and Lunch.

Many thanks to the PTA for their monetary support for additional recess equipment and toys.  With the funds we have been able to add a variety of toys for quieter and creative play in each of the assigned yard areas to increase choice and social interaction opportunities.  Thank you all for the quick response when I have asked for specific things like reusable water bottles.  We couldn’t do this without you.

Take care and stay safe.


Mrs. Takimoto