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Youth in Arts


Harding is very lucky to have Youth in Arts enrichment classes this school year! YiA

Harding is very lucky to partner with Youth In Arts who provide arts instruction for all grades through artist residencies.  Programs include music residencies such as Hawaiian Music and Dance and Beat-boxing and the Common Core; performing arts residencies like Theatre and Brazilian Dance; and new media/visual art residencies like Visual Storytelling.

Youth In Arts’ website states that their “mission is to provide students with high quality experiences and instruction in the visual and performing arts, and to enrich the community with cultural events.  We maintain a roster of Mentor Artists that is both artistically and culturally diverse, enabling us to share a wide range of world cultures with students through the arts. We are dedicated to the principle of “reaching all learners,” tailoring programs as needed for students of all abilities.”

For more information, check out the Youth in Arts website at www.youthinarts.org.

Fall 2015:

We’re all very excited that primary music classes began last week with our Youth in Arts music teacher, William Rossel. All TK-3rd grade classrooms will have weekly music on Monday or Wednesday.

As a child, William discovered his passion for music through singing, a path that would include two performances at Carnegie Hall, as well as several opera productions. As a vocal performance major at Florida State University, William discovered the rich landscapes of world music and began intensively studying the music of North India, Bali, Ghana, Tanzania, and many others, and he includes elements from all these traditions in his unique teaching style. William is a talented tabla (North Indian drum) player, and has been studying the art form for the last ten years under the guidance of world-renowned tabla maestro, Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri, at the Ali Akbar College of Music in San Rafael, CA. He holds a Master’s degree in North Indian Music from the California Institute of the Arts, and is a Professor of World Music at Yuba College. William teaches tabla privately from his home in San Anselmo.

Fall 2014:

This fall the Kindergarteners and Transitional Kindergarteners are learning Brazilian dance moves with Stephanie Bastos.  They’ll be introduced to the rich cultural dance traditions of the Brazilian people, learning dances that have evolved from the fusion of European, Indigenous and African traditions.  To learn more about Stephanie, check out her bio here:  www.youthinarts.org/artist/stephanie-bastos/

The fourth grades and Ms. Fisher’s and Ms. Souza’s fifth grades are working with Hawaiian Music and Dance instructor Shawna Alapa’i.  They’ll be singing, dancing and storytelling all in the Hawaiian tradition.  Here’s Shawna’s bio: www.youthinarts.org/artist/shawna-alapai/

The 6th graders and Ms. Chang’s fifth graders are working with artist in residence Sophie Cooper on Visual Storytelling.  In this media literacy and visual art class, they’ll begin by learning to de-code the visual media present in films, videos, magazines and on the internet.  Then, empowered with these new tools, they’ll create their own visual stories on the theme of personal and cultural identity.  For more about Sophie, please visit: www.youthinarts.org/artist/sophie-cooper/