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Box Tops for Education

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’d like to extend our thanks to everyone in the Harding community who donated Box Tops this fall. With your help, we’ve already raised nearly $175 for the Harding PTA. We still have one more chance to raise money for the 2017-2018 school year, so keep those Box Tops coming!
Be sure to register at BTFE.com to find participating products, track our fundraising progress, and enter in their monthly sweepstakes for the chance for Harding to win 10,000 Box Tops (worth $1000!).

Amazon Smile for Harding

We’ve partnered with the Amazon Smile program just in time for the holidays. Every time you shop at Amazon, they’ll¬†donate to Harding Elementary PTA. It’s simple.
  1. Use the Amazon Smiles Harding link every time you shop at Amazon.
  2. You’ll be asked to confirm that you want your charity to be Harding Elementary PTA.
  3. Bookmark this link use it every time you shop at Amazon.
Note: Purchases made through the Amazon Prime App or other Amazon App are not eligible through the Smile program at this time. Please use the browser link to have your Amazon purchase support Harding.